We strive to accommodate all of our patients needs in a timely manner. Appointments are prioritized over walk-in patients (with the exception of emergency cases). Drop-off appointments may also be arranged in order to help accommodate your schedule.

Wellness and preventative care

Yearly wellness visits are recommended for pets of all ages, just like they are for humans. Early detection of health problems may enable us to treat more


When a thorough physical examination is not enough to detect the problem, we rely on diagnostics to help us determine the cause of your pet’s illness. Olympic Pet Hospital more


Periodontal disease (dental disease) is the most common health condition diagnosed in dogs and cats, however, it is also largely preventable. Olympic Pet Hospital…read more


Olympic Pet Hospital provides a wide range of surgical services. Whether your pet needs a spay/neuter or a more complex procedure, our patients’ safety is our top…read more


Skin and ear issues can cause a great deal of discomfort and sleepless nights for both you and your pet. If you have observed any itchiness, redness, scabs…read more

Pharmacy and prescription diets

Olympic Pet Hospital carries a wide range of pharmaceutical medications and supplements in order to address your pet’s unique medical needs. We also offer Hill’s and Royal Canin prescription foods for our patients with special dietary more

Nutrition and weight management

Maintaining a healthy weight and nutritional support are vital to your pet’s overall health and longevity. Nutritional requirements are unique to each pet…read more

Health certificates

For our furry travelers flying to an exotic getaway, we provide health certification for both domestic and international travel. If you have…read more

House calls

For your convenience, in-home veterinary care is offered for select services.Please call our office for more information should you have a need for a house-call…read more